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June 2013

Antique Copper Water Storage Pot – Pani Ka Ghada

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The dimensions of the pot: 15” diameter at the belly,  4” diameter at the mouth, Height – 12” This antique copper water storage pot is from the state of Rajasthan, India. Most part of Rajasthan is a desert or arid land and water is a scarce commodity. It is a common sight in rural Rajasthan that women carry up to…


Antique Brass Massage Oil Cups

Most Viewed By June 8, 2013

  During my younger days, the monthly ritual in our family was that all children were required to take an oil bath. To begin with, my mother used to apply a fistful of coconut oil on the top of my head and keep on patting at the same spot chanting a variety of blessings.  One blessing I still remember is…