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August 2013

Copper and silver Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Trumpet

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In Hindu and Buddhist religions it is a common practice to offer sound to god along with other offerings like flowers, fruits, water, incense and fire by way of lamp. Hindus offer sound by blowing conch or ring a bell. Buddhist, particularly Tibetan Buddhists offer sound by blowing a trumpet. This trumpet is called Tibetan Dungchen and also Rag-dung. This…

Side view of Antique Brass and Copper Kamandalam.

Antique Brass And Copper Kamandalam

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Kamandalam is a water pot with a handle used by Hindu religious sadhus, sanyasis, munis, yogis, ascetics, Buddhist monks and Hindu mendicants to carry water. Kamandalam represents a self-contained and simple life. Kamandalam is also called as Kamandal or Kamandalu. It is traditionally made out of ripe bottle gourd, or pumpkin, or coconut shell, or from wood of the Kamandalataru…