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The Cultural Voyage of a Corporate Executive – Zishta

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  I got to know about Zishta by chance. And I should thank Facebook for that. Social media has worked wonders for me. I have met interesting people online and have had engaging and interesting conversations with them regarding antiques. Some inspired me, some told me that I inspired them, some were full of questions and some were eager to…


Antique Brass Milk Feeding Cup – Paladai

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It is amazing to know that a simple cup with an elongated snout has played a crucial role in feeding the babies milk and medicines over centuries. There is no doubt about the fact that breastfeeding is the best form of feeding the babies. Sometimes, due to various factors, breastfeeding is not always possible for mothers. Babies who are deprived…


Antique Brass Spice Box

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  Love spices? This time, we’ve got something unique and interesting lined up for you antique lovers – the antique brass spice box. No meal in India is complete without spices. We’ve been exporting spices to the world since ages and Indian food is synonymous with spices. Agree or disagree? When I was a kid, I used to help my…


Antique Brass Idli Steamer (Idli Patra)

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  Idlis are a preferred choice of breakfast in South India and they’ve has also gained popularity in the rest of India too. A good source of carbs and protein, idlis are light, tasty and a healthy choice. While the modern stainless steel idli steamers do the job well, back in the day most households had brass idli patras. As…


Antique Gajalakshmi Panchaloha Oil Lamp

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  As some of you might already know, I’ve made some interesting friends via the blog who keep writing to me about antiques and share their views about my collection and also about antiques that they own. One such friend that I’m regularly in touch with is Mr. Rajappan. In case you are wondering who he is, I’ve previously written…


Antiques & Technology – Doing Things The Video Way!

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  The very idea behind starting this blog was to share my collection of antiques with antique lovers all over the world and to somehow re-ignite the spark for preserving and cherishing antiques that were once part of our daily lives. We came up with articles and all of you encouraged the initiative by subscribing to the blog, liking the…


The Antique Brass Fire Walking Pot.

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    India,the Incredible India, has diverse cultures, mysterious rituals ,age old traditions, rich heritage  and  mythical legends .This is a land where people worship a stone, a tree, a river and a snake and  many more since they see God in all of them. The Hindus in India believe that the entire universe is the manifestation of god Himself…