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Antique Torch

Uncategorized By December 23, 2011

YK’s collection of torches-   From YK’s Collection The torches shown in the picture are made out of carved brass. I have collected them from an antique shop in the city of Karaikudi located in the Chettinadu area of Tamil Nadu, India. Chettinadu is an area which is mostly occupied by Chettiars (trading community) and this is a very prosperous community….


Antique Ink-pot

Uncategorized By December 21, 2011

The Origin of ink-pot as per Indian Mythology : From Yk’s Collection According to Hindu scriptures the souls of all dead beings go to Yamapuri. Here the god of death Yama Dharmaraja punishes or rewards them as per the evil deeds or good deeds they have done in their life. The souls who have done more of evil deeds will go to…


Samovar – An Unique Antique Piece

Uncategorized By December 20, 2011

Samovar basically is a metal container used to boil water. The heated water is mostly used for making tea and hence Samovar is generally associated as tea maker. Samovar is used in and around Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and in Kashmir. Traditionally charcoal is used to heat the water. Antique samovars are known for their beautiful workmanship….