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Antique Brass Massage Oil Cups

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  During my younger days, the monthly ritual in our family was that all children were required to take an oil bath. To begin with, my mother used to apply a fistful of coconut oil on the top of my head and keep on patting at the same spot chanting a variety of blessings.  One blessing I still remember is…


Antique Brass Tiruchoornam Bharani (Container)

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  This wonderful art object in the form of a fish is actually a Bharani (Container) made out of Brass metal used for storage of red powder called Tiruchoornam. Tiruchoornam is used by Vaishnavite sect of Hindu Brahmin Community to apply Namam, a religious mark on their forehead. Vaishnavism and the Namam  Namam mark is a visible sign of a…


Antique Brass Rice Cooking Pots

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Do you know how rice was cooked before the invention of modern gadgets like pressure cookers, electric rice cookers and micro oven? In the good old days, rice was cooked in dedicated brass vessels exclusively made for cooking the rice. I have collected some of these rare brass rice cooking pots called Annam ginnelu in Telugu language (Annam = rice,…


Antique Brass Serving Pots

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Brass antique serving pots hanging from chain Before I talk about these lovely shaped serving pots, I should first talk about the traditional Andhra meal, the main dishes in the meal, how they are presented and served. I will then tell you about how these serving pots are used. We have specially designed pots to serve the liquid variety of…


Antique Stone Cooking Pots

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Stone Cooking Pots Arranged in a Group These beautiful stone cooking pots will be the pride of any kitchen and are antique collectors’ delight. They are hand-carved out of a single block of soft stone, known as soapstone. These soap stone pots are mostly used in southern states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. They are…


Antique Coconut Scraper

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In our modern competitive life style we are in a constant race to be the most successful person in life. We want everything to be done quickly since we are always in a hurry. We acquire more and more time saving and comfort giving gadgets which are only functional and devoid of any art and fun. In our day to…