The Antique Brass Fire Walking Pot.

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    India,the Incredible India, has diverse cultures, mysterious rituals ,age old traditions, rich heritage  and  mythical legends .This is a land where people worship a stone, a tree, a river and a snake and  many more since they see God in all of them. The Hindus in India believe that the entire universe is the manifestation of god Himself…


Iyengar Chombu – An Integral Part Of Vaishnavite Rituals

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It is fascinating to know that the strong and prominent Brahmin Vaishnavite community of South India called Iyengars have their own exclusive religious mark, their own rituals and a chombu designed and created to carry on their rituals. This beautifully designed chombu shown in the picture is known as Iyengar Chombu in general. Another name for it is Mannargudi Chombu….


Theki – Indigenous Device From Nepal For Churning Butter

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I stepped out to get clothes off the line and I almost fainted, OMG! The heat is outrageous. The minute I dumped the clothes on the bed, I thought I should have a glass of lassi or buttermilk. Well, thanks to technology, I just grabbed some yoghurt from the refrigerator, put it in the juicer, added a few ice cubes,…

An intricately carved four post antique cot with canopy can be re-purposed as a divan with arrangement of bolsters and pillows

Bedroom Décor With Antiques-Few Incredible Ideas

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With antiques in the house becoming the trend- when decorating the house, it is a great idea to carry the antiques into the bedroom as well. There are several ways you can do this, from something as bold as changing your bed to an old fashioned four poster bed to adding cozy reading corners to focus on particular objects. Here…


Decorating old-world in a modern home

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Ever walk past those big old houses with the old furniture and the old glassware that sits prettily in the shelves? Their garage sales must be something, right? To have a similarish feel in your own house, you don’t really have to look too far, go look into your attic you might find something super cool as well! One of…


Go Vintage With Your House This Winter!!!

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How many times have you visited a place and got blown away by the ambiance and decor? Recently I visited a hotel in Udaipur and I was mesmerized with the way the hotel’s decor was done. There wasn’t a single item that belonged to today’s world, from the flower pot to the statutes, it all appeared classic and vintage. Every…


Bonding Over Antiques – An Interesting Association

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Recently, I have added some more antiques to my collection, all thanks to a random visitor to my blog. How I acquired those antiques is a story in itself. Mr. Rajappan happened to stumble upon my blog by chance and shared that he had some antiques with him too. We exchanged messages and a couple of phone calls later; I…

Antique Brass hair untangler

Antique Brass Hair Untangler

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This is picture of an antique brass hair untangler or a comb. I am very careful the usage of the word comb as the artifact does not identify with the characteristics of a comb. It is long and forked. The design is similar to that of two pronged fork. It is made of brass so the forked ends remain sturdy….

Living Room

Antique Home Décor – An External Perspective

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Here is a blog post by my neighbor. She was a small little girl with bright eyes when she first stepped into our house. 15 years later, when she came up to me one day and expressed her interest in writing an article about my antique collection for my blog, I was really happy. Here’s her take on my antique…